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The London Value Investor Conference is now requesting nominations from all Value Investor Digest subscribers for three Awards, which will be awarded to two listed Company CEOs and to a Fund Manager in recognition for their achievements.

CEO Awards
On average, 70% of shareholder funds are retained in businesses and not paid out to shareholders. Effective deployment of retained capital therefore makes a profound difference to investor returns. To recognise this key talent, the London Value Investor Conference is launching two new Awards for the Public company CEOs with the best Capital Allocation record judged over multiple years:

The LVIC Award for Best Capital Allocator – UK listed companies
The LVIC Award for Best Capital Allocator – Global listed companies

The criteria used for judging good capital allocation discipline will include such things as:

  • Returning capital to shareholders either through dividends or share buybacks when these offer the best available return on capital
  • Saving shareholders money by controlling costs in an unusually disciplined way
  • Deploying growth capex with a keen focus on return on investment
  • Shutting down or selling poor return, non-core or loss-making businesses
  • Acquiring businesses or large assets at prices which deliver superior long term shareholder returns

Fund Manager Award
The first LVIC Award for Lifetime Achievement was won by Charles Brandes in 2015, followed by Jean-Marie Eveillard in 2016 and Anthony Bolton in 2017. We are now seeking nominations for the following award:

The LVIC Fund Manager Award for Lifetime Achievement

This would include all asset classes and geographies

To make a nomination for any of the awards, please use the form below. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 11th April 2018.

After the nominations phase, the winner of the CEO Awards will be decided by the LVIC Awards Committee. The Fund Manager Award for Lifetime Achievement will be shortlisted by the committee before being decided by a vote among conference delegates.




  • Best CEO Capital Allocator (UK)

  • Best CEO Capital Allocator (Global)

  • Fund Manager Lifetime Achievement Award

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